5 thoughts on “A Village Tour

  1. Glen says:

    Very nice village – I am just getting back into model railroading and I was wondering about the scale of the buildings in your village and if you know
    if they can be found for purchase online. My guess is that they are maybe
    HO size and would look really nice on a layout. Have you thought of adding
    a train or trolly? In case you have, a good place to order from is
    modeltrainstuff.com and for animated electroluminescent signs –
    http://www.microstru.com. They have a really cool Jesus Saves sign that is modeled after the neon Jesus Saves signs you see in some cities on churches. I ordered one of those for the layout I am building.
    Again- nice village – would be great on a model train layout!
    Merry Christmas

  2. Lisa Green Kentala says:

    So adorable! We saw a similar village last week at a Christmas Bazaar at a nearby church. A friend and I were admiring it, but were glad we didn’t have to do all the work of assembling (and disassembling!).

  3. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    I think the scale would be perfect for HO model trains from what I remember. Is that the size you have? My brother had a railroad layout when we were kids. Someone gave him the trains, a table and the trees and buildings to put around which was really fun. I’d have to get a bigger table for sure if I added the trains. I saw this post by somebody who added trains to their village, the same one I have. Mine is St. Nicholas Square. Tom gave it to me last year for an early Christmas present after he saw a store closing and selling everything for 75% off. You can find them online and in department stores. Have fun with your train layout! Sounds like fun.

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