Katie’s Story

Someone sent me a link to this beautiful blog today. It ties in with my post below on adoption. This is the story of a family of a child with Down Syndrome who felt led to adopt a child in Eastern Europe also with Down Syndrome who had been poorly treated. Get a tissue box ready. The photos of this precious little girl with her new daddy at the end of the post (she’s nine years old) so touched my heart. If the news headlines sometimes have you wondering if there is anything worthwhile left or if God was at work at all in this world anymore, this story will encourage you that God is alive and working through those who are willing to show His love. (The links on the right hand side give some introduction to the family and the situation.)

2 thoughts on “Katie’s Story

  1. Cindy says:

    Ingrid: I got you post about the link too late. Sorry, I have been gone all day. Thank you so much for linking to this story. More people need to see the love of God.

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