Thanksgiving Notes

I have a turkey thawing in my fridge, and now I am off to the store for a few items I still need for our feast. William has requested green bean casserole, so I will make one. Tom wants “real” mashed potatoes (as opposed to the Hungry Jack variety), and Jon wants cornbread stuffing. Lisa and Russ are bringing the pies, so we should be in good shape!

In keeping with the Thanksgiving theme in my music posts, here’s a lovely improvisation of For the Beauty of the Earth with organist John Hong.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Notes

  1. Jim De Arras says:

    What do you called “mashed” potatoes? In my family, they were mashed with a hand masher. The kind made in/with an electric mixer were called “whipped” potatoes. My wife calls both “mashed” potatoes. But mashed potatoes have little lumps in it!

  2. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    Well, I guess I should have said “whipped.” I use my mixer but we always said “mashed”! Sort of like supper and dinner. You don’t hear the word “supper” used much anymore, at least here where I live. I heard it when we lived in the south occasionally.

  3. Stephen Archer says:

    Dear Ingrid, Happy Thanksgiving!
    I have missed Thanksgiving food for many years now because they do not observe this wonderful day in the U.K.!
    Maybe one day I will again, but I know that One Day, there will be the Ultimate Thanksgiving Day together with The King of Kings!

  4. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    Hi Stephen! – good to hear from you again. I like how you put that. The Ultimate Thanksgiving Day. See you then!

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