He Gave His Life For Me

Back when Charlie and Sammy were little, some 20 years ago now, my sister Lisa gave me several Bible story videos for children. They were animated, but I was surprised at the time at how respectfully Holy Scripture was treated by the producers of the videos. It was a group called Family Videos. More than once, I was stirred as the old, old stories were told, accompanied by beautiful orchestrations and songs that exactly captured the message being shared.

I was so pleased to find some of the clips of these videos which I understand are now being sold by a different company on DVD. They would make wonderful Christmas gifts. Tonight it was as though 20 years melted away when I watched this clip below. I remembered this beautiful song so clearly. I thought I would share it with you.

Here’s another clip, this one from the Good Samaritan video. Let my hands be his hands.

5 thoughts on “He Gave His Life For Me

  1. Judi says:

    Ingrid, our church library had some of these, and our children watched them too. I am not a big fan of animated Bible stories, because it seems to me that it puts them into the realm of make-believe/fantasy. But my husband and I were also impressed with how respectful of scripture they were, as contrasted with the hugely popular Veggie Tales, which we did/do not like. My fourteen year old daughter just watched the first clip with me, and remembered how she liked watching them, and when she saw the Roman soldiers, commented, “I hated them! I thought if I were there, I would have killed them and taken Jesus off of the cross.” She did not realize then that it was, in fact, her sins too that put him on that cross.

  2. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    Jeanne, if you click on the various DVD’s available, at the bottom (keep scrolling down to the very bottom), you see different packages, some from the Old Testament, some from the New. They have different groupings. I hope they are a blessing. My children watched them over and over until the VHS tapes didn’t work anymore. I’m glad they still are available on DVD. Judi, well said. It’s that realization that makes you realize the seriousness of sin and the wonder of finding complete forgiveness through Jesus’ work on the cross.

  3. Sam says:

    Because we have a baby on the way, I was JUST thinking about these videos a couple of days ago. I was wishing we could get them for our kids, but I didn’t know where to find them. Now I know where!

    Anyway, they are beautifully done, and the portrayals of different stories and people have stuck with me over the years. I love how they portray Bible characters, like Daniel, Elijah, and even Jesus, as gentle and yet strong.

  4. Laura says:

    We watched these when I was a kid too. I haven’t seen them anywhere though. Glad to know you can still get them. 🙂

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