Will Pulls Out the Stops

William has been asked to play at a January concert on the new Schantz organ at a church in downtown Milwaukee. He’s working hard to be ready and is, of course, thrilled to have the honor of playing that magnificent instrument as a 15-year-old. Here’s Will playing the Toccata from Charles Marie Widor’s 5th Symphony.

This is the first time he played it on a pipe organ, so he informs me that he could do a better job. He got the music a few months ago, praticed the finger part on piano, practiced on his Allen organ at home, and then finally tried it out at his lesson on Saturday on a “real” organ at St. Joseph Chapel. This piece will clear any cobwebs out of your mind, especially at around 2:57 and also that last note!

5 thoughts on “Will Pulls Out the Stops

  1. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    Curtis is right down the street from Tenth Presbyterian and Dr. Paul Jones, not only a great musician, but a wonderful Christian man. But we’ll see–these schools are audition only and take only the most gifted. There are a lot of schools to consider. He has only taken organ since late spring, but I can see that this is truly his instrument. It’s great when you see that student-driven passion.

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