7 thoughts on “Mintz and Mendelssohn: A Touch of Heaven

  1. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    Mendelssohn was master of the melodic line. His melodies stay with you so beautifully. The other day I found myself humming something, and I couldn’t place it for a while. I thought and thought and then realized, I was humming “Cast Thy Burdens on the Lord, for He Shall Sustain You”, which is an aria from Mendelssohn’s Elijah. If you don’t have that, download songs at the link below, as it is truly the finest recording of it, in my view. I have heard it live several times and numerous other recordings, and soloist Thomas Hampson as Elijah cannot be surpassed. The Scriptures come alive with this music, and it drives the words into your head. Some of my favorite arias and choruses of “Elijah.”

    “Help, Lord!” (the opening chorus)
    “Lift thine eyes. O Lift Thine Eyes”
    Elijah’s prayer on Mt. Carmel
    “Is Not Thy Word Like a Fire?”
    “Take all the prophets of Ba’al…”
    “Thanks Be To God Who Reviveth the Thirsty Land”
    “Be Not Afraid Says God the Lord”
    “Then Shall the Righteous Shine Forth as the Sun”
    “O Come Everyone Who Thirsteth”
    “O Rest in the Lord.

    You can download individual songs from that CD here.


    The 2 CD set is worth having also. You can get used ones very inexpensively on Amazon. That’s the Atlanta Symphony and Chorus version of Mendelssohn’s Elijah. Here ends my commercial.
    Used ones here:

  2. carolynb says:

    Don’t know how you manage to do it Ingrid, but you always seem to find the beautiful things in this sin sick world, and collect them here at Hope for us to enjoy.

    I do thank God for you – from here and CrossTalk, He used you to change my view of music, especially when it comes to worship. I have more of an appreciation for hymns and real beauty in the music that is offered to the Lord. We’ve become a casual generation, in many ways, music being one. Dress being another – slightly off topic, but I echo the sentiments on another of your posts, women used to dress so much more elegantly than we do now. Self included, I still have a hard time wearing dresses. 🙂 But thanks for bringing truly lovely music here to Hope, whether worship music or not, it’s a gift God has given us, and even though marred by our sin, we still retain so much of the beauty that is our Creator. May many more souls be drawn to Him, blessed be His name.

  3. Janet G says:

    When I was in college, we sang parts of Mendelssohn’s Elijah, the beauty of it stays with you forever. I remember how thrilled I was when I discovered the CD set, I just had to get it! Anything Robert Shaw put his hand to was wonderful anyways, if you don’t have his Christmas music, you are really missing out! Thanks for this post, Ingrid, it was beautiful!

  4. Paula Coyle says:

    It really is amazing how deceptively difficult this 2nd movement is. The first movement is really not that hard (I played it, and the only passage that I couldnt’ do passably were the octave double stops. Perfect fourths are just a bear for me). The 2nd is just a bit harder IMO in spite of the liesurely pace, just getting the intonation correct on all those double stop tremolos. and the third is even more difficult. I never did #2 or 3 unfortunately.

    Have you heard the Tchaikovsky violin concerto in D or the Wieniawski No 2 in Dm or No 1 in F#m? Fabulous. I prefer Itzhak Perlman to anyone else except maybe what I’ve heard of Mintz., even if he isn’t quite as technical as someone like Heifetz, it seems like his playing is warmer to me.

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