He Knows Your Name

God calls the stars by their names, and He knows your name. We are not highly evolved slime, the result of random chance acting on matter. Where would the matter have come from anyway without someone to make it? We have a personal God who has stooped down to reveal Himself to His creation. These Psalms comfort us that while God is a God of holiness and justice, He is also a God of mercy and love. Unlike the capricious and terrifying pagan gods who must be appeased and who leave humans in an endless quest to somehow earn their own salvation, our God has revealed Himself to us in His Word. He tells us who He is and what He requires of us. He reaches down in love, because we cannot earn salvation by our own merit.

Whatever your heartache is today, whatever your need may be, God knows your name. God is near to humble and contrite hearts. He is near to those who seek Him in truth. God’s Word is truth.

He heals the broken in heart, and binds up their wounds. He tells the number of the stars; he calls them all by their names. Great is our Lord, and of great power: his understanding is infinite. The LORD lifts up the meek: he casts the wicked down to the ground. Sing unto the LORD with thanksgiving; sing praise upon the harp unto our God… ~ Psalm 137:3-7

O LORD, our Lord,
         How excellent is Your name in all the earth, 
         Who have set Your glory above the heavens! 

 Out of the mouth of babes and nursing infants
         You have ordained strength, 
         Because of Your enemies, 
         That You may silence the enemy and the avenger. 

 When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers,
         The moon and the stars, which You have ordained,
 What is man that You are mindful of him,
         And the son of man that You visit him?
 For You have made him a little lower than the angels,
         And You have crowned him with glory and honor. 

 You have made him to have dominion over the works of Your hands;
         You have put all things under his feet,
 All sheep and oxen—
         Even the beasts of the field,
 The birds of the air,
         And the fish of the sea 
         That pass through the paths of the seas. 

 O LORD, our Lord,
         How excellent is Your name in all the earth!

~ Psalm 8

5 thoughts on “He Knows Your Name

  1. Donna Knuth says:

    There’s a contemporary Christian song called, “He Knows Your Name”. It’s absolutely beautiful, and also reminds us that God knows us and loves us. When I read your post, that song popped into my head.

    I have a Maker
    He formed my heart
    Before even time began
    My life was in his hands

    I have a Father
    He calls me His own
    He’ll never leave me
    No matter where I go

    He knows my name
    He knows my every thought
    He sees each tear that falls
    And He hears me when I call

    Lyrics from http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/t/tommy_walker/he_knows_my_name.html

  2. Rose says:

    What a beautiful post and such an encouraging reminder for us today. We serve a great God…more wonderful than we can ever think or imagine…and He loves us! Whatever we may be going though today, just reminding ourselves of that truth should make our hearts thrill. Thank you for including the harp solo…it was lovely.

  3. Cheryl Keckeisen says:

    This is what I needed to hear..thank you! He know me! What ever comes my way He is with me! I will find out soon if my cancer is back. I do not want to go through this again, but I know that He was with me last time and He will get me through it again.
    God bless you and your words, I know that God used you to speak to me and encourage me.
    Blessings to you and your family

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