6 thoughts on “Summer Morning

  1. Kris says:

    Looks like a great morning to be taking pictures and
    what a wonderful picture it is. You need to bottle the
    sunshine up and open it up on a gloomy, winter day.
    Enjoy…love, Kris

  2. Donna says:

    It is a beautiful, warm, and loving picture. And such a nice contrast to the sort of family described in your previous post.

  3. carolynb says:

    Lovely picture. Just lovely.

    How are you and your family doing since stepping away from the ministry you had been working at for so long?

  4. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    Thanks, Carolyn. I not only worked there my entire adult life, I grew up in those halls at VCY. 🙂 We’re doing OK with God’s help. We’re still in transition work-wise. I had a radio show opportunity out of state come, but I am wanting-needing to lay low. My family and children are my priority, and health-wise, I am needing to recover from a very long period of stress. God’s wisdom seems to be to wait and rest. Tom’s doing music work right now – He just played with the Chicagoland Pops orchestra at a very fine concert of John Williams music. The upside is that with all the time off, his playing is sizzling. 😉 God provides our needs, and we’re grateful for it every day. My podcast idea was a good one, and I have all the tools right there, but I had to step back from it for a bit to regain some perspective. When the time is right, I will do more writing (in-depth, hopefully) and be a regular podcaster. God makes everything beautiful in His time. Here’s a pic of the Chicagoland Pops concert. Too bad you can’t see Tommy at the back.

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