Fun in the Sun

The temps today reached a sizzling 43 here, so Will and Emmy were out enjoying the sun. She calls Will “Bubba” which is her version of “brother.” Will optimistically put shorts on, but his sister still likes wearing her hot pink colored boots. In Wisconsin, you just never know when a blizzard will strike.

12 thoughts on “Fun in the Sun

  1. Lisa K says:

    She runs so cute on her little feet!
    I love your reference to the sizzling 43 degrees. We are having similar “sweltering” weather in Chicago. Will spring ever get here?

  2. carolynb says:

    Awwww, that’s sweet, and Will is so good with her. What a nice brother! And it’s balmy where you are! We are getting SNOW today.

  3. paulacummings says:

    I call ‘traveling”! Those two are adorable together!!! What a great relationship they will have in the years to come. SUHWEEEETTTT!

  4. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    Will and Emmy are quite a pair. I wondered how much interest a teen boy would have in a baby sister, but it has been so good. Will has learned patience and gentleness, two things that sometimes aren’t a strong point. He daily says things like, “Isn’t she great, Mom?” He recently said, “Emmy is the biggest blessing of my life so far.” That really warmed my heart. Babies are ALWAYS a blessing, even on days when I don’t know how my back will lift her one more time out of the tub or into a car seat. Love always finds a way.

  5. Lisa K says:

    I wish I had the attitude of babies always being blessings when my 13 year old was a toddler. He was a handful and I said some hurtful things that break my heart now. I complained about him to my husband in a way I should not have done. He is the kindest, most compassionate almost 14 year old now. I told him recently how bad I feel that I did not appreciate him as a young child. He brushed it off in his usual well-adjusted way. So..just a note to any moms struggling with a very strong-willed toddler – they may become your greatest blessing!

  6. christina says:

    Emily is growing so fast. It looks like she is going to take off running! Thank you for sharing and giving us another glimpse. Will is such a great big brother and he looks so much like Tom. 🙂

  7. Laura says:

    How cute! She is adorable and getting so big. Will is looking and sounding so grown up too. I hope we can visit soon. ❤

  8. Claris says:

    Hi Ingrid!

    Thanks so much for sharing that adorable video clip of Emma and Will! She’s a sweetheart and it’s wonderful to see the way in which Will treats his little sister! So much to be grateful for!!


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