Wagon Shopping

We had a family excursion last night. Tom and I gave up our usual date night and decided to include the kids. We went to Will’s favorite buffet restaurant (the only kind of restaurant that fills up a nearly 15-year-old), and then went to Toys R Us for some wagon shopping.

I have been looking online for a wagon for Emmy, looking at prices and trying to figure out which one would be best. The wagons I would have bought years ago when I had two nearly twinned toddlers at once (first Charlie and Sammy and then Will and Mary) are too big for just one little Emmy. Also, the wagon needs to be light enough that I can pull it up the hill to the playground near our house without tiring out too quickly.

Some were just too expensive. The Radio Flyers with the big all terrain wheels and wooden sides would be great if you were just starting out with your family and foresaw multiple children using it. You could justify the price maybe. But a modest size and a modest price would meet the need nicely for one little girl.

We looked around at Toys R Us where the predominant vehicles were not wagons at all. They had only two actually set up on display. They had an entire aisle filled with super-expensive, battery powered jeeps and other giant vehicles for today’s sophisticated children.

After seeing the two big wagons on display, both of which were over $100, we decided we’d look elsewhere or maybe check out rummages. (The consignment stores I called had wagons, but the prices were ludicrously high for second hand wagons.) Our neighborhood rummage is still weeks away, and with spring arriving, I wanted a little wagon to pull Emmy in now.

I turned around to leave and as I did, I noticed two boxes with Little Tikes Sport Wagons on clearance for only $39.00. They looked like the perfect size and price for one mini-girl; big enough for two, if that opportunity ever arose, yet lightweight and smaller in scale than the bigger Little Tikes wagons.

So Emmy has a new red wagon that her daddy will put together some time this weekend. We have a big playground near our house behind a school and up on the hill it’s always windy. She likes to run into the wind with her hair blowing, her little feet going fast beneath her. I think she’ll be very excited to ride in her new wagon to the playground. It has a little back piece which I wanted so she won’t go toppling over the back if we hit a bump. Once Tom gets it put together, there’ll be no stopping us!

3 thoughts on “Wagon Shopping

  1. christina says:

    Great deal. I am waiting right now to buy a lot of summer things we need. Our town is having their annual rummage, with over 100 vendors. I am going early and without kids. Yay!
    I was hoping for a wagon last summer for going to the zoo and walks with the kids while Elizabeth rode her bike along side. My parents in law had one in their garage and was never used. Thankfully they gave it to us and now it is being used ALL the time. 🙂 Cant wait to see pics of Emmy in pretty dresses this summer.

  2. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    Ah, I love community rummage sales. I’m going to visit ours and also check out the other ones in the area. With Will home as a babysitter, I can make the rounds. A neighbor gave us a like-new winter coat from her daughter for next winter as well as some 2T-3T sized things for this coming winter and the next. I got several larger outdoor toys for Will and Mary once for almost nothing, including a Little Tikes car they used and used. I paid $5 for it. So we’ll see what bargains I can find…Yours sounds wonderful. With 100 vendors it sounds great!

  3. Lori Glass says:

    My boys are 15 and 17 now but I remember the wagon days when my boys were little. We would go around our large block and the oldest one would cry and carry on when it was time to go in the house. He would still rather be outside then in the house. Good memories.

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