Lousy Pictures

We have a standing family joke about the quality of photographs and videos that get taken. I don’t want to think about the number of good photo opportunities lost to bad lighting, unintended floor shots, moving targets, and prior to the digital cameras, exposed film. Videos from the Schlueters have already been written about. Tom’s action shots of non-moving things like, say, statues, are (in)famous.

If the lighting is right, the child is moving. If the child is not moving and is posing perfectly, the lighting is terrible. Tom blames the cameras we buy. I have threatened, ominously, to buy a very, very expensive camera and take photography classes to salvage some decent photos of our kids’ childhoods, but I never follow through. I’ve learned to appreciate blurred, fuzzy shots of my family. Sometimes that’s all we have. So here are a few lousy photos that I like for one reason or another.

What happens when Emmy has Will babysit...

The faceless husband shot. Tom played the Milwaukee Symphony New Year's Eve concert. I'm told there's something called a "flash" I should have used...

Now the lighting is good, but we thought we were trapped in the Marcus Center elevator. Note the right hand punching the buttons...

Creepy shot. Notice that Emmy's head appears to be detached in this memorable pic with Charlie.. (??)

To think we used to pay for photos like this before digital cameras...

Photography at its finest. The obligatory ground shot. I was trying to get Emmy outside last week on a beautiful spring day.

9 thoughts on “Lousy Pictures

  1. FreyaP says:

    LOL, ingrid. I think you have a real modern art touch in the last one especially. Maybe you could have a photo exhibit at an art gallery for your photos? Give it some kind of fancy title.

  2. Christine says:

    At least you can make out bodies in the first ones which is better than some I come up with. There are some great photography tutorials online if you’re interested. As for digital cameras, I recommend the Canon Powershot SD960. It’s under $200 and does a great job.

  3. Marilyn says:

    Cute! Yes, it happens to us all for sure!

    Just a little semi-off topic aside, I am overwhelmed with awe every time I see a picture of Emmy. I always think back to the dark, worrisome days before she was born and think now of what a super-precious little MIRACLE she is!

  4. Lisa K says:

    Hahaha – I too am photography impaired! I am infamous in my family for taking the worst pictures – off-center, blurry, my thumb in the picture, slanted, etc.
    I wear glasses and have been told to take them off before taking a photograph. This does help!

  5. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    The problem with the last two photos is that the camera was on video not photo. Oh brother. Marilyn, I feel the same way every morning when I see Emmy. I never wrote about the last few days before she was born, but some time I will. That she was normal and healthy with all that went on is incredible and God gets all the credit.

  6. Paula says:

    LOL Ingrid – I highly recommend the Canon EOS Rebel t2i (550D) – Our digital died. It has been worth it because it takes HD movies as well as stills, so it’s both a digital SLR and movie camera in one. I still haven’t figured out how to use all the features, but it has been great for the stuff I normally photograph so far. Super fast Autofocus and image stabilizing lens. I am hoping I won’t have to buy another for about 20 years though!

  7. paulacummings says:

    Probably have 20 bad shots to one good one in my picture collection. And then there are all the things I missed taking pictures of despite having at least 3 to 4 cameras of all types and sizes at any given time merely because in the rush to leave for some such occasion every camera was either, out of battery, out of film, unable to be found, no computer card, dvd disc whatever. Never fails, even happened for my big surprise party last year. Have one screwed up picture from the whole event.

  8. Paula says:

    That’s why digital cameras are so nice. Professionals know the only way to get a few good shots, really, is to take LOTS of shots. With a digital you can do that pretty easily and just keep the good ones. 🙂

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