On This Terrible Anniversary

Little Emmy at 26-weeks in the womb

The monstrous evil of abortion in our nation has taken the lives of nearly 53 million human beings. We want to ignore it, kick it out of the way. The murders happen in clinics, not on altars like in the old days of pagan religion. But it really is neo-paganism, this ancient child-killing cult that is alive and well. In this case, the children are slaughtered to the great god of America, convenience.

Mothers who could give their children life and allow another family to raise him or her instead choose the easiest route, death.

The news last week of the arrest and charging of abortionist Kermit Gosnell was a fitting prelude to the 38th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. What is ironic about it is that he is charged with murdering “seven” babies after they were born alive. He reportedly played with the squirming babies before slitting their throats. If the goal in the end was a dead baby, why was he arrested? He achieved his goal. The mothers achieved their goal. The question of the hour is why is America tolerating this Hitlerian evil? In fact, we have outdone Hitler himself. Do the math.

I will never forget the cold face of the “specialist” in high risk pregnancies when she tapped her pen through my medical chart. “Are you committed to this pregnancy?” she asked. In her mind, I was risking everything for a baby. She didn’t approve, it was apparent.

Yes, I was committed to Emily Frances. I am committed to Emily Frances. I will always be committed to my children, precious souls, gifts from God every one.

Tom and I first saw our baby when I was five-weeks pregnant at our first scan. The doctor had me get an immediate ultrasound that first visit. Emily was so tiny that she herself could not be picked up on the screen. But something did get picked up by the scanner. A tiny little flashing light appeared on the screen, a light flickering too fast to count with our eyes. It was her little heart beating 150 beats per minute.

I felt the tears come down my face. Here was a life, a human soul, created by God. Her future was in His hands, not mine. My life was there for her, as far as God would allow it to go. Praise His name, He brought us both through.

Remember the victims and weep today for these murdered orphans. Remember their little lives and as the millions of Americans surround their big screen TV’s to worship at the altar of the NFL this Sunday, think about our priorities here in this collapsing nation. Those babies were named from eternity. God named them. He sees their broken bodies, and he sees the blood that has soaked this nation’s soil.

Pray and do all you can to speak for the voiceless on this 38th Anniversary of legal child-killing.


18 thoughts on “On This Terrible Anniversary

  1. Cheryl says:

    Precious post. What a gift your Emily is!
    I have always believed abortion to be wrong. Then fifteen years ago, I delivered a child, stillborn at 19 weeks of pregnancy, and I held that tiny body in my arms…and my belief was confirmed a thousand times over. Here was a sweet, tiny baby, over whom we grieved and cried, fully formed, greatly loved. And I thought, how can a human being purposefully kill one of these helpless little ones? Unspeakably grievous.

  2. Glenda Johnson says:

    I have loved your blog. I have kept up with Emily before she was born, and your blog has been such a blessing. I always read Crosstalk. I have no grandchildren, so I enjoy seeing Emily as she progresses. Emily is a wonderful gift of God to two loving parents.

  3. Judy says:

    Emmy is beautiful. How great is our God!! Dr. Laurence White has a wonderful and terrible sermon on the internet where he calls abortion a 27 yr holocaust against children. Oh, that our pastors would preach loud and long against this terrible sin in our country. I couldn’t even read about the abortion dr. that was arrested. It is too terrible to contemplate. We must speak out for those that have no voice and pray for justice for their little lives. How beautiful your baby is and your story concerning your struggle to preserve her life is God honoring. Thank you for the openness you displayed during your pregnency so we could take part in prayer for you and this beautiful little girl. God Bless you

  4. Lisa K says:

    Such a sweet pic of Emily! Her existence teaches us that doctors don’t have all the answers.

    Regarding the sentence: “Remember the victims and weep today for these murdered orphans. Remember their little lives and as the millions of Americans surround their big screen TV’s to worship at the altar of the NFL this Sunday, think about our priorities here in this collapsing nation.”

    I’m sure the R v W anniversary will be mentioned on various news channels – I remember it quite well, and I’m sure others do too.

    The football game has nothing to do with whether or not the public remembers the anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

    There is a difference between watching football and worshipping at the altar of football – not everyone is painting their face or braving sub-zero temps. Many men enjoy watching sports – in moderation. I’m not a sports fan – but my husband and sons are and I don’t find it offensive at all. I happily make snacks for gametime.

    Lisa K

  5. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    Thanks, Lisa, for your thoughts. You missed what I was trying to say. The line wasn’t an attack on football fans. I have numerous males who enjoy football in my home. My point was that on a weekend that marks the death of 53 million Americans, our nation as a whole won’t be grieving, it will be distracted by its real priority which is professional sports. As professing Christians, how many pastors today made mention of this horror in our land from the pulpit today for Human Life Sunday? How many Christian pastors made jokes about the big game today? I have no doubt about the answer to these questions. That is the sobering issue I was trying to raise.

  6. Francesca says:

    Well in my church today, there was NO mention of the meaning of this day. I sat there, listened to the sermon etc, and felt a deep sense of darkness and oppression. I was so grieved that I was almost in tears. What is wrong with Christians??? My church is filled with good people. Why didn’t someone say something? Really it is difficult to know what to do, where to go.

  7. Lisa K says:

    Sorry Ingrid – you are right – I did miss the point. I bet you are right too about MANY pastors talking about the big game today – or using a football theme for their message.
    I’m sure there is no way to know – but I wonder how many churches mentioned the R v W anniversary today?

  8. Joan says:

    Ingrid, have you thought about sending that lovely picture of Emily to the doctor who asked you “if you were committed to this pregnancy”?

  9. brad fallon says:

    I am a father and I was and will be against abortion.. The word itself makes my nerve grind with fear and pity for those children becoming victims of their inhuman parents who considers this kind of crime, and for those who have done it.. Where are your souls?

  10. paulacummings says:

    I don’t recall hearing a sermon about the evils of baby killing since I was a young girl. When B.O. was running for president, I thought, ‘there is no way people will vote for someone who not only believes in baby killing, but will go so far as to vote for no intervention when an abortion goes doesn’t go as planned and the baby is born alive (heaven forbid),’ I could not in my wildest dreams believe that people could overlook that. After he was elected, I was never more disillusioned and demoralized in my life. I couldn’t look at people the same way anymore knowing that they could put aside these facts and be okay with letting such a person lead our great country.
    The semantic gymnastics and the word changes that go on to somehow trick oneself into believing black is white always challenged my sense of logic. How could people think that if you call it something else (like partial birth) it is somehow not murder? I agree with brad, I can barely let myself even think about it anymore, and I can’t believe God will let out country get off scot-free anymore either. All so incredibly sad. Can believe you were treated that way with Emily though, this is the culture we live in today. Great testament to life, you and that beautiful little girl ; )

  11. Charlotte says:

    That makes me sad that a doctor asked you if you were committed to your pregnancy. I suppose they’ve been trained to say it like that, thinking that’s as graceful as they can make it without coming right out and saying IT.

    The priest at my church often preaches against abortion (a voice in the wilderness, for sure.) And every so often while he’s doing it, someone gets up from a pew and walks out. I need to remember to pray for those people.

  12. Lisa K says:

    I have always been confused as to why abortion has become a “political” issue. Isn’t it actually a medical issue? And shouldn’t the medical profession be responsible enough to disseminate correct information? I suppose this proves the fact that science does not have all the answers if doctors cannot agree on what constitutes life. I just don’t understand it being used as a political football. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe the government was involved in abortion a hundred years ago – it simply was not done by reputable doctors!

  13. Lisa K says:

    Brad – does that mean putting women in prison who have abortions? Do you see how government complicates things?

  14. John V. says:

    One way the pro-abortion side wins is that they are excellent at complicating the issue, but it’s really black and white. There are logically only two possible logical situations surrounding abortion:

    Option 1) The unborn child is human. This means that abortion is premeditated murder, which means the abortionist and the mother are both murders, and they should both be given lengthly prison sentences.

    Option 2) The unborn child is not human. Thus, there is nothing wrong with abortion. Neither the mother nor the abortionist should bear any criminal penalty. A woman should have the right to as many abortions as she wants. If this is the case, we are on the wrong side of this issue.

  15. Deborah H says:

    I mistook little Emmy’s arm in the ultrasound for a hand lifting up her chin, the way I lift up my Emmy’s chin to look in her eyes and tell her I love her. I had to do a double-take! The Lord is so sweet to us mothers!

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