Prayer for My Children

Prayer for my children (Translated from Dutch)

Lord, I entrust into Thy hands My children’s names.
Engrave them there in script (Is.49:16) That no-one can delete.
That none can ever burn them From Thy palms with flames;
Not even when Satan wants To sift them as the wheat.

Lord, hold them in Thy hands
When I must set them free.
And with Thy strength over
My children’s weakness hover.
Thou knowest the world will
Hate them with intensity
If they reject this world,
And turn to Thee for cover.

I do not ask Thee to keep Them from all sorrow,
But comfort them when Loneliness and fear are strong.
And in Thy Covenant keep Them for the morrow,
And let them never stray From Thee their whole life long.
Lord, I entrust into Thy hands My children’s names forever!

Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands; thy walls are continually before me.
~ Isaiah 49:16

Here is the song video from my favorite hymn program, Nederland Zingt!

10 thoughts on “Prayer for My Children

  1. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    If anyone wonders why I post these videos in Dutch, it’s that I know most of the songs, hymn tunes and often the hymns in English. Nederland Zingt is a beautiful sacred music program in the Netherlands that airs on TV. There is no program like it that I know of here in America. I especially like the ones with congregational singing.There is nothing closer to heaven for me than to hear a congregation sing together in praise to the Lord. This kind of deeply sacred music, done with excellence, is very difficult to find anymore, but when I hear it, it’s like everything else stops around me, and my heart is lifted into the presence of the Lord.

    Good congregational singing has nearly died in many churches because the songs being used are not designed for a group, the tunes are unknown, the words repetitive, lacking in depth, and often, the music contradicts the sacredness of the words. Sacred music with sacred lyrics, sung heartily by God’s people is to have a foretaste of the Celestial City where the praise will never end.

    Here’s the precious hymn, “Lord, Take My Hand and Lead Me” so beautifully done. The Lutheran churches use this hymn and some Reformed. One of my favorites. It’s a prayer really.

    Lord, take my hand and lead me
    Upon life’s way;
    Direct, protect and feed me
    From day to day.
    Without your grace and favour
    I go astray;
    So take my hand, O Savior,
    And lead the way.

    Lord, when the tempest rages,
    I need not fear;
    For you, the Rock of Ages,
    Are always near.
    Close by your side abiding,
    I fear no foe,
    For when your hand is guiding,
    In peace I go.

    Lord, when the shadows lengthen
    And night has come,
    I know that you will strengthen
    My steps toward home,
    And nothing can impede me,
    O blessed Friend!
    So take my hand and lead me
    Unto the end.

  2. Yaddy says:

    I am dutch and have it hanging on my wall too….many a time I have prayed it for my children….when I have non dutch speaking friends come over they ask me what it means…I firsat say it in dutch, then translate it into english…they always love to hear it! thatnk you for the songs…love them too! {:o))

  3. Judi Hayes says:

    The middle verse of the prayer for children hymn was this (posted on Youtube):
    Lord, hold them in Thy hands
    When I must set them free.
    And with Thy strength over
    My children’s weakness hover.
    Thou knowest the world will
    Hate them with intensity
    If they reject this world,
    And turn to Thee for cover.

    Thanks for sharing this, Ingrid.

  4. Leo says:

    How wonderful to have found this site. I am a pastor who knows Dutch (came to America at 9 months old) and listens often to the EO in Holland over my iPhone. Recently my brother brought me the music to this song “Gebed voor mijn kinderen (prayer for my children) and I was wanting it translated in English so it could be sung here in our church. Thank you for the translation. The bulk of the work is done already! May the Lord bless your labors for the sake of our great Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.

  5. Tina says:

    I love the “Prayer for my Children” and would love to have the Dutch version as well

  6. Leo says:

    Here’s “Gebed Voor Mijn Kinderen” sung by Judith Sportel in “Nederland Zingt.” It is interesting watching the elderly lady behind her. She seems to know the prayer well.

    I couldn’t agree more regarding the sad loss in many congregations of good congregational singing. Could it be that the introduction of choirs in worship has helped lead to the decline as it is often viewed as a performance? Then, the issue which causes me almost distress is the type of singing sung in many churches. It is best described as cotton candy variety. Where is the worship of our great God and King and music worthy of that? As a pastor my heart longs to see people taking delight in singing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs with hearts overflowing with praise and adoration. Who is a God like our God?

  7. Leo says:

    Another comment: If you have an Apple iphone, download Tuneinradio and you have access to the Dutch “Reformatische Omroep” and you can enjoy so much of that music! It is wonderful. If you wish, you can also record in that program what you are listening to so you can listen to it many times over. Since they don’t broadcast on Sunday, you have the opportunity to listen to selections you may have recorded earlier.

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