One thought on “In Light of Eternity: A Good Book for 2011

  1. Jean Selden says:


    One of your best posts. It is an eye opener as to how far the Church has backslidden. I loved that Ravenhill was a man whose life “demanded a verdict.” He was either loved or hated. How many of us are so concerned with being loved that we don’t have deep enough convictions to bring people a defined opinion about us and our lives. I, like Ravenhill, would like to be known by the demons of hell as a great enemy to them. Oh that we would have preaching like this in our pulpits today. It might wake up the masses that lie slumbering in their seats. May God have mercy on us all. I will make this book a priority for reading this New Year. May God’s blessings fall on you and yours this New Year.

    In Christ,

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