Not in Trying, But in Trusting…

To all who never have struggles, doubt, long-term suffering, questions or deep hurt, don’t bother to listen to this song. To all who walk in perfection, just skip this post. But to those who need to be encouraged, to know that it isn’t by our strength that we make it through this life, this song is for you. I remember it now from years ago, but it had faded from view until I found it tonight. It was a great comfort to hear it.

3 thoughts on “Not in Trying, But in Trusting…

  1. Joanne says:

    Thank you for sharing this. It comes at a time when I really need it. Merry CHRISTmas to you and your family!

  2. paulacummings says:

    I certainly qualified to listen, and am so glad you remembered it! So lovely, especially this time of year. Have always loved his voice, and also forgot about him. He is on itunes.

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