It’s Sweetest Day (Invented by Hallmark)

If you read this in time you can still surprise your sweetest for Sweetest Day. Valentine’s Day was too nice to just have once a year, I guess. It’s great to have two special days to say, “I love you” to our dearest! I asked Tom how he remembered something that a lot of people don’t even know about yet. (Hallmark needs to rev up their marketing campaign for the day.) Under duress, he finally confessed that our son had tipped him off.   🙂  That son will make a great husband some day. Thank you, Jonathan. You’re sweet, too!

4 thoughts on “It’s Sweetest Day (Invented by Hallmark)

  1. Lisa K says:

    Those are the most beautiful flowers EVER!
    I expect nothing on Sweetest Day – years ago my husband warned me he would always forget AND he refused to celebrate it because of that (he always remembers Valentines Day and our anniversary so I will just enjoy looking at your flowers! I don’t remember SD myself so I totally understanding others forgetting!)

  2. Jonathan Schlueter says:

    I saw the post you had on facebook yesterday and thought to let him know about today….
    Thank you Mom


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