Another List of Joy Blips

Brown paper packages, tied up with string, these are a few of my favorite things…

A few years ago I did a post on a few of my favorite things. It’s time for another one. These are some of what I call my “joy blips.” Joy blips are little gifts from the Lord that bring happiness and pleasure to life.

1. Hearing my son practice the piano. Besides the classical pieces, he is learning some great hymn arrangements that lift my heart when I hear them. Discouraged a while back, I heard him down below playing a wonderful arrangement of Count Your Blessings. A good reminder.

2. Hearing Mom answer the phone. From the youngest age I can remember, Mom has always sounded so cheery when she picks up the phone. Her “Hello” has a pleasant lilt to it that is uniquely hers. If the lilt is missing, which is rare, I know she’s not feeling well or something is wrong.

3. Picking up on the aroma of coffee, anytime, anywhere. Non-coffee drinkers (poor things) don’t get just how lovely that scent is. A good cup of Colombian is one of God’s gifts to humans.

4. Emily’s trademark way of saying Mama. She doesn’t say “MOM-uh”, she says, “Mom-UH” with her voice raised on the end in this sort of happy expectancy. She sits in her car seat and sings out, “Mom-UH, Mom-UH” as we drive down the road. I answer by saying, “Babe-EE, Babe-EE…”and she giggles.

5. Tom’s email on a Friday morning. “Wanna go on a date tonight?” We don’t get to do it often, but when we do, I look forward to it all day. Couples can get so easily lost in the details of life that the specialness of their relationship can be neglected. Date nights, even if it’s just a stroll at the mall, are still exciting.

6. Seeing the white sails on Lake Michigan. I have to drive to the East side of the city each week to take Will to his piano lesson. It’s a half an hour drive, rewarded on sunny days with a breathtaking view of Lake Michigan as we reach the eastern part of Wisconsin Avenue where it curves around to Prospect. Yesterday the lake reflected the deep blue of the sky. White sails dotted the horizon that shimmered in the hazy autumn sun. Delicious view.

7. Videos of congregational singing. So many churches have abandoned congregational singing of hymns in favor of bands performing on stage. What a tragic loss to Christianity as the meat and depth and truth of our 2000-year-old-canon of hymns and our even older canon of Psalmody are abandoned for me-centered ditties and noise blasted to the “audience” with powerful sound systems. Thankfully, there are great videos online hymn lovers can enjoy. I want to share this video below from the Netherlands where they have a TV program called, “Netherlands Sing.” This rendition of Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty moved me to tears. How I would love to stand in a big congregation with other believers and sing these great hymns that speak of God, His attributes, His greatness and power.

8. My small black book entitled, The Shepherd Psalm, by F.B. Meyer. I needn’t say any more about it, except to say that after my Bible and hymnal, it is the most precious book I own. If you can ever get a used copy somewhere, get it. What a comfort it is. (If you get a used copy, make sure it is NOT edited for modern English. That would destroy the beauty of Meyer’s original writing which is so achingly lovely. It is the right language for the description of our Good Shepherd.)

Well, that’s a short list of my favorite things I appreciate in my life from the Lord’s hand. What gives you joy in your life? Share it with other readers!

9 thoughts on “Another List of Joy Blips

  1. julie says:

    Ingrid, I’ll have to agree on the smell of coffee. Though I must admit that coffee ice cream actually tastes like coffee ought to! Other joy blips for me:

    Cool, crisp autumn days.

    The quiet calm of evening.

    The way the Lord makes our hearts tender in the morning.

    Cute baby animals.

    Butterflies, especially monarchs which are prevalent here this time of year.

    The smell of fresh herbs in the summer, and the smell of spices in fall, such as cinnamon, ginger and cloves.

    Your writing and your lovely spirit that points us to these things and the One who gives them.

  2. Carol Blair says:

    1) I love the hymn singing at my church — We sing a cappella, so there’s no possibility of abuse or inappropriate accompaniment. We sing 4-part harmony, and it is getting better and better. I could sing all day.

    2) I love my pastor’s Bible-expository preaching. His sermons are normally about an hour and 15 minutes; I wish they were 2 or 3 hours.

    I *so* look forward to Sundays.

  3. Roxanne says:

    The night sky. The vastness of it reminds me of what an awesome God we serve.

    Cracking open a good book when the house is quiet and I can get lost in the story.

    Watching my sons playing nicely together.

    The sound of my husband’s laughter.

    I’m sure there are many more. So many beautiful things and so much to be thankful for, but it’s late and I can’t think of them now. Great idea for a post, Ingrid. Thank you.

  4. carolynb says:

    Hi Ingrid – LOL, I’m a non-coffee drinker who *adores* the smell of coffee. I could breathe it in all day. MMMMMMM!

    Borrowing your and some of your readers “joy blips” – I, too, live near the Great Lakes (Erie and Ontario), and tremendously enjoy going to Lake Ontario and marveling at the expanse of water. On a lovely day, we can see Toronto, ON. Add to that, I love going to Niagara Falls and walking around the State Park there – I never get tired of seeing the Falls – they are spectacular! I also love sunny, crisp autumn days, furry animals, good sermons, and rich worship music.

    Other joy blips:
    -Having a spiritually uplifting day – the days where Scripture is jumping off the pages, and I am fervent in prayer. Those days make my soul sing. Admittedly they don’t happen every day – sadly, I go through droughts from time to time.

    -Spending time with my husband, tinkering on projects. I just enjoy his company.

    -Having a good riding lesson on my horse. My mare is “quirky”, and can be either lovely or ornery. I prefer the former.

    -Eating pie. Especially strawberry-rhubarb or peach-blueberry, my two favorites. MMM, pie.

    -A clean, organized house. Immensely satisfying.

    -The smell of lilac bushes in the spring. Intoxicating!

    And my last one:
    -Seeing heresy exposed. I know that sounds weird, but I praise God when He allows the rotten fruit of false teaching to be exposed in all its glaring ugliness. I praise Him even more when I find believers who see the heresy and are bold enough to speak against it.

  5. Jessica Fales says:

    Watching my babies sleep.

    The smell of Fall.

    My husband’s hugs.

    Watching my boys and my husband play.

    Sitting and laughing about life with my brothers and sisters.


  6. Lisa K says:

    I also love seeing all the sails on Lake Michigan (I’m in Chicago but don’t live near the lake – so it’s always a breathtaking sight!)

    My Monet print Morning on the Seine – Mist. I never tired of looking at this picture of “nothing” (as my husband refers to it!).

    Seeing my two boys (young men) together. They are everything to me.

    Seeing the lavender planted everywhere – near public buildings, along median strips. It beautifies the world!

    The smell of cinnamon – my boys and I LOVE anything with cinnamon. Whether it’s cereal, baked apples, cookies, etc. The aroma is so delicious (I don’t drink coffee and never even notice the smell – funny how different people love different things!)

    Photographs of old churches. I LOVE books filled with b/w photos of the very old European churches – the high archways, majestic stone structures – beautiful works of art!

  7. shirley says:

    Ingrid, it would be so nice for us if you could post some of the beautiful psalms in your “little black book”
    I love all your writings
    Thank you.

  8. Hope says:

    I came upon your HOPE blog title on someone elses and of course intrigued with our names alike!

    I just posted on my devotional blog (This Is The Day) a series on old HYMNS that truly touch the heart. I couldn’t agree with you more on this post. I love the videos you have posted..thank you.

    Blessings to you..

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