A Changeless Christ for a Changing World

Here is a short sermon gem from 1937 when the nation was struggling out of the Great Depression. The preacher is Dr. Walter A. Maier, founder and preacher of the Lutheran Hour that broadcast to millions of people weekly on radio. Dr. Maier (known as WAM) and his fiery short sermons exalted Jesus Christ and pointed the way to the cross. This was a Christmas sermon, but the message is relevant 365 days a year. It may have been preached in 1937, but the turmoil today is not much different than it was for those who originally heard this sermon so long ago. In our changing times, how wonderful to have an unchanging Savior.

5 thoughts on “A Changeless Christ for a Changing World

  1. Rose says:

    Wow! That was great! I have never been to a Lutheran service and I was wondering what a Lutheran sermon would be like. And all I heard was a Christian preaching his heart out. AWESOME!!

  2. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    Hi Rose,
    Dr. Maier was a bright light of biblical Lutheranism back in the 30’s and 40’s until his death in, I believe, 1950. Many souls were converted through the radio broadcast. Of course, all denominations are falling today. There are still some faithful pastors in the LCMS, but I am sorry to say that preaching like this, as it is everywhere now, is hard to come by.

    That’s why I find myself wistfully looking through the sermons of dead men who once knew what it was to preach with the unction and authority of the Holy Spirit. I am sick to the teeth of devotional-ette sermons, warmed over Portals of Prayer thoughts about flowers in God’s garden. This kind of preaching like that of Maier, thundering from pulpits again, would transform the church and our culture. There’s famine in the land now, and we find such preaching where we can. Thank God for old school messages that lifted high the cross of Christ, our only hope.

  3. Joanne says:

    Thank you Ingrid! It amazes me that with the state our world is in, preachers still preach (if you can call it that) their warm fuzzy sermons designed to lull the sheep to sleep!

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