EmmyCam – The Exersaucer

A few months ago, a friend gave us her Exersaucer. If you’ve never seen one of them, they are like amusement parks for babies with music, lights, and sounds. The seat even swivels around like a tank turret, which is what Tom calls it. Emmy loves it and likes all of the sounds but one which scares her, so we remember not to push one of the buttons. Today it was rainy outside, but Em had fun in her in-house amusement park.

8 thoughts on “EmmyCam – The Exersaucer

  1. Kris W. says:

    That looks like a lot of fun and sure appears that Emily is
    taking it all in. She looks more different everytime I see her. Good shot of the two lower teeth…Kris

  2. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    She has more teeth about to break through. She seems to prefer munching on things like the Gerber vegetable puffs and bananas and carrots (mushy cooked carrot pieces.) She ate a large yogurt plus a large Gerber dinner today (at the same meal.) Guess she’s growing and is getting a bigger appetite these days!

  3. ab says:

    My nieces’son has one of these and I think it was maybe a little more entertaining for the adults to watch than it was for the baby! 😉

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