Bonnets, Paperwork and Picnics

I’ve been filling out enough paperwork to buy a house. Sending a child off to camp or registering him for school requires the filling out of reams of paper. Legal waivers, health forms, immunization records, parental agreements, and so forth are all part of it, as any parent knows. For his 14th birthday present, Will is going to a camp this summer at a military academy where they break the boys down into platoons on arrival. They do some really challenging things with rope climbing and obstacle courses, each platoon competing with the others. It’s right up Will’s alley. I completed one raft of paperwork and hope to finish up today. I think all his school documents for the fall are all filled out, but then I have to order school clothing off the uniform list. I may wait on that, because boys this age have a famous way of adding two or three inches in as many weeks. He’s really growing so quickly.

I found a website that makes baby bonnets. You wouldn’t think that baby bonnets would be hard to find, would you? They are. The only thing I could find in department stores was a sun hat, one-size-fits-all, which is absurd. None of them, of course, fit Emily. Don’t look for bonnets in stores. They don’t sell them, at least at the ones where I shop. Little girls are made for bonnets. Eyelet, ribbons and rosettes. I must be incredibly old-fashioned, but I don’t think mini-Green Bay Packer caps are the thing for Em. Baby girls need bonnets.

On top of being pretty, they also protect little scalps from the sun. Emily is fair-skinned like me, and will be prone to sunburn. I was happy, then, to discover this website for bonnets. I bought several sizes. You never know when you will find them again these days. They were all so adorable, I couldn’t decide which one to get. The one at the left is one of the three I ordered. They are very affordably priced. Sizing can be tricky on these, but they go up to 24 months, so hopefully one of the three will fit! So for other bonnet-loving mothers, check out the site. I’ve done my part this week to keep bonnet-makers in business.

The heat and humidity is gone now. We had two days of intense heat and stickiness and the air conditioning was running constantly. Last night it all blew away with a little rain and thunder, and we have a classic, gorgeous northern day with cool, crisp air and deep blue skies. My mother called and invited us to the park near her house for a picnic. She’s bringing the sandwiches. Jon has a day off from work, so he’s coming along. A day like this should never go to waste!

I’m reading a book that I want to tell you about soon. Actually, there are several I want to write about next. But the beautiful day is calling. Emily’s raring to go see Grandma at the park. She’s wearing a striped pink and white dress. I’ll bet you’re shocked at the color choice!

9 thoughts on “Bonnets, Paperwork and Picnics

  1. Lisa K says:

    I LOVE bonnets!! I had no idea that have become difficult to find (though having no daughters and few nieces I’m pretty clueless about current little girl stuff in general).
    I find this odd trend of uni-sex dressing on baby girls inexplicable. I suppose many of the younger mothers grew up in our uni-sex era and it’s normal for them. I’m old enough to remember having to wear a dress to go downtown, and I marvel at an old picture of me on Easter – at 4 years old wearing white gloves and a pretty hat – but that was 1959 – a lifetime ago.
    I’m sure Will will love camp. It sounds a bit like the Boy Scout camp my son has been attending for the past few years. They swim long distances, sleep overnight in a shelter they build themselves, run obstacle courses, climbing walls, etc.
    With our a/c not working I too am so enjoying this lovely cooler weather that arrived today!

  2. Janie McQueen says:

    That is indeed an adorable bonnet site.

    I don’t mean to be mercenary but can’t resist chiming in that if you’re ever looking for bonnets in different colors and for everyday, as well as most any occasion, our Beaufort Button Bonnet is made from an heirloom pattern and updated in modern, washable fabrics. We were tickled to be featured in Stroller Traffic yesterday and, also named a People magazine “mini must-have”!

    I completely agree, it is time the beautiful and practical baby bonnet gets its due! 🙂 There are lots of beautiful versions around, but they are definitely hard to track down.

    Janie McQueen

  3. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    The button bonnets are adorable, Janie! The red and white gingham one is my favorite on your slideshow. Thanks for letting bonnet-lovers know about your site!

  4. Kris W. says:

    Yup, that’s what little girls should wear. No matter what
    color, Emily will look like a little girl should. Glad you found other bonnets. Enjoy picnic time at grandma’s…Kris

  5. Roxanne Lamp says:

    Thanks for posting the link to the bonnet website. I don’t have any little girls, but I will be buying a few hats for my baby boy…it’s hard to find hats that tie under the chin and don’t have spiderman or camoflauge all over them. And I don’t know why there aren’t more sizes in department stores. Thank the Lord for online shopping!

  6. Paula says:

    Hooray for bonnets!!! I even love the sound of the word. Keep up that rebellious streak in dressing your beautiful baby like (shock and horror) – a baby! I did the same thing and it was no easy task with my daughter since she was usually one year ahead in sizes, I scoured catalogs, used hand-me-downs – received knitted sweaters and matching knitted bonnets from my grandma, etc. One good thing about the internet – you can find those hard to find needed items. There is a site called where you can type in what you are looking for (anything under the sun really) and they have homemade baby clothes even old fashioned, cute ones including baby bonnets. Have boughten things off the site before, went very well.

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