8 thoughts on “Will’s Recital, May 22, 2010 – Khachaturian Sonatina 1959

  1. marilyn says:

    I love it!!! My daughter songs that make her fingers move too! She just completed her 11th year of piano lessons and is is a joy to hear live classical music daily. Tell Will he did AWESOME!!!

  2. christina says:

    What a great jov Will did! Seeing him walk up to the piano brings memories when I used to play at my recitals. I was so nervous and once it was done I was relieved but excited and proud that I did it. It is nice to hear and see that classical music is still played. I am a big fan of it!

  3. Paula says:

    What a brilliant achievement! You and he should be beaming with pride. I can’t imagine how many years and hours of practice it takes to be able to do something like that. What a great young man you have.

  4. Kris W. says:

    Will, you did a fantastic job! What a great piece. By the
    way, when did he grow up so fast Ing? You & Tom surely can be proud of him. Keep up the wonderful parenting job.
    Thanks for posting the recital…loved it! Kris

  5. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    Kris, your brother Tom did the video work there. Did you get motion-sick, ;-)? I ribbed him about the compulsive zooming, all in good fun, of course. The ceiling shot at the end is classic Tom. At least you got to see the hand painted roses up above at the recital hall!

  6. Becky McGraw says:

    Fantastic! I just can’t get over how much Will has matured in his looks this year.

  7. Carol says:

    Impressive! Well done, Will! I can’t believe how fast he is growing up, either!

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