Baby Notes

This recent headline caught my attention as a lot of mothers use these slings with young infants. Sometimes the news media is guilty of fanning the flames of hysteria on things like this, but I like to be warned anyway so I can be careful with baby products. I took the bumper off Emmy’s crib a couple of months ago when I came into the room and found that she was on her tummy and had worked her way into a corner with her mouth pressed up tightly against the bumper pad. It scared me, and I realized how easily some of these things can happen.

Emily is suffering from TMPPHU Syndrome. That’s Too Many People Picking Her Up Syndrome. Just about the time she’s contentedly lying around in her crib for some down time, someone will scoop her up for some TLC , and then she doesn’t want to return to the relatively mundane activity of playing with her toes. (She has been observed putting her big toes in her mouth. Babies are contortionists!) After aforementioned loved one has had their fill of baby fun, they leave her, protesting, for me to deal with. It’s hard to resist her, however. I absolutely love this age where babies interact with you. Emmy rubs my face with her hand sometimes while she’s taking a bottle, and that is simply too sweet for words. She “sings” and has started to babble with the consonants saying, “Da da da and ga ga and ma ma and la la.”

I went shopping for some warm weather clothes for her, and had a lot of fun buying the small things. She’s wearing 9-12 month clothes now, and I didn’t buy anything under 12 months, with mainly 18 month sizes.  She’s going into a new car seat some time this week as she has outgrown her infant carrier. Those are only good until the baby reaches 20 pounds. That’s OK, because I cannot lift her in the car seat anymore. It was hard enough when she was tiny.

Emmy still is not a fan of solids. After doing well with them for a time, she now wants nothing to do with pureed food, period. I have tried every vegetable and fruit, as well as oatmeal and rice cereal. I put a little piece of a muffin in her mouth this morning, however, and she liked it so much she leaned right into it for more. She also likes those vegetable puffs from Gerber. I break them in half and only give her little pieces. She has two teeth and two more coming in, and she likes to chomp those puffs into oblivion. They melt quickly in her mouth so I think they’re safe. But how do you get a baby to eat the solids she is supposed to have? She’s the only baby of mine who has refused. All three were gobbling down solids from four months onward. Since she’s a good weight (!), I guess I’ll just keep offering them to her and see if it catches on.

I am so looking forward to summer warmth and sunshine. Emmy is going to like sitting in a couple inches of water in a wading pool. I already bought her a little green bathing suit with Tinkerbell on the front.  I couldn’t resist. It will probably reach 50 today here, so that’s practically a heat wave for Wisconsin! (But not warm enough for the Tinkerbell getup.)

I’m trying to savor each day and each moment with Emily. The days fly by so quickly, and before you know it, all those times are gone. Emmy was 8 months old on the 22nd. Wasn’t it just yesterday we learned she was on the way?

8 thoughts on “Baby Notes

  1. Christina says:


    I am glad to hear that Emmy likes those puffs! I still have to try them with Naomi. She isnt really into the solids too much either but whenever she sees us eat she just wants what we have. She has a cold right now so maybe when she is better I can have her try some big food.
    These times do go fast. It seems faster with each child! I have to constantly remind myself to take videos and pictures of the kids before its too late.
    I also love the baby snuggles. Naomi likes to grab my face with her two hands and tries to pull me closer to her so she can try to bite my nose. Not too cute when there is teeth involved!

  2. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    Hi Christina,
    Thanks for the tip about the puffs. I was a little afraid to try them as she isn’t used to a lot of textures and things but I let her lick them first until they started dissolving and then she got used to them and is taking them really well.

    Say hi to Naomi from Em! Let me know how your move goes.


  3. Karen says:

    Love the bathing suit! She’s a darling Tinkerbell. But do those wings on her shoulders work?

  4. marilyn says:

    It is cold and rainy here, but the pics of Emmy warmed my afternoon. She is just darling in her Tinkerbell swimsuit. LOL.

  5. Jane says:

    Love those photos of Emmy.

    It sounds like she wants to skip the baby purées and get her teeth into the hard stuff. My little one, he’s 9 and 1/2 months old, will eat anything but really likes “proper food.” I give him salt free variants of what we eat, risotto, chilli and rice, beef stew, I make sure I’ve chopped or broken up what he is eating into baby sized pieces.

  6. Jessica Fales says:

    She is getting so big. It is a good reminder to me how quickly Oliver will grow in the next year of his life. sniff, sniff… 🙂

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