2 thoughts on “Mary Jones Cottage

  1. Sherry says:

    Robert: How wonderful to hear from you! I have walked that walk, too in the wonderful story of Mary Jones from an original edition printed in 1894. After reading the little book which was passed to me last Spring, I had the privilege of writing a narrative from the 100 paged book into a program which I gave at the Spring Banquet for the Mother/Daughter tea at my Church. We decorated the hall like a humble Welsh cottage. We used bees for the theme and since Mary was a beekeeper and I found little jars of honey from Essex, England for favors for those who attended. My great-great-great grandfather was a godly man from Essex, England so this was a special project for me to do for the Lord. This is very meaningful to us that you would take the time to respond to our presentation today with your comments. You might want to check out itsabigail.com to see the original postings on this event. Thanks again. God bless you, Robert.

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