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“What is forgiveness, but God’s grace remitting our sins? What is justification, but God’s grace accepting us? What is sanctification, but God’s grace purifying our hearts? What is adoption, but God’s grace making us sons? What is our final salvation, but God’s grace keeping us from falling and preserving us into His eternal kingdom? Each rung of the ladder that lifts us from the mouth of hell to the gate of heaven is indicative of God’s boundless grace to lost, vile, graceless, and hell deserving sinners.

Do you think then, that He will cast you off when you come to God by Jesus Christ and cast yourself on His grace as a sinner? Never! God may cast down a poor soul–and He often does this in love to lay it low in order that we may learn that salvation, from first to last, is of His free grace–but He will never cast off a poor soul that has fled to the asylum of His mercy and boundless grace. He is too divinely, essentially gracious for this. He would cease to be God if He ceased to be gracious, and He would cease to be gracious if He refused to receive and save a broken-hearted sinner who casts himself on that grace.”

–Octavius Winslow from Our God.

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  1. Abigail says:

    Hey, Ingrid. . .sorry, misinformation. I think Winslow was a pastor in Leamington Spa, but Joseph Rogers was the pastor of St. Paul’s at Leamington, Spa which should be the correct information. Spurgeon spoke of Winslow and regarded him highly. I am familiar with his work “Our God”. In fact, I think you can find it on line. Someone did tell me about Winslow, but further inquiry shows it wasn’t during the time Frances was there. Thanks.

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