Speaking of Christ with Reverence

Thanks to Oldtruth.com, I was pointed to Steve Camp’s excellent piece on speaking about the Lord with reverence. The filthy way that Mark Driscoll speaks of Christ’s incarnation, Mary the Mother of Jesus and so forth is dead wrong. I had an aged English teacher in high school, the wife of a veteran pastor. This dear godly lady used to say in Bible class that you could tell how someone viewed God just by the way they said His name.  I would agree 300%.

15 thoughts on “Speaking of Christ with Reverence

  1. Lisa K says:

    Nothing bugs me more than these pasters who try to be “hip” – it’s so awful. Are they really “communicating” with people this way? I can tell you this: they do not look cool, hip or in any way appealing to ANYONE – Christian or non-Christian. It’s also very subversive. Are they ashamed of their message? If not, why are they trying to bury it inside “slang” and “trendy” language and violent video games. It sounds like something a cult would do – trick people into joining your group with deceptive tactics, (“love-bombing”), THEN hit them with your message once you have them ensnared. It’s distasteful and dishonest.

  2. Ima says:

    This is an area that I have a huge problem with…the disrespect lavished on our Holy Father. None of the terms used for the current culture fits Jesus Christ. He is HOLY…above us. He is NOT our buddy. He is our Father in Heaven. We should fall on our faces at the very sound of his name! When we come face to face with Him, we will be blinded by His light and His truth. Even the thought of it overwhelms me! I know that being in His presence will be indescribable! How dare people make light of our Lord!

  3. Pastor Frank says:

    I can honestly say I know unsaved people who show more reverence when speaking of the things of God. Driscoll’s quote was positively disgusting!

  4. Shma says:

    That was awful!!!! Also Mary & Joseph were married. And for Driscoll’s information they didn’t have cars or proms back than!

    This is nothing more than blasphemy!!

    What are these pastors thinking? Do they spend time in Bible study & prayer? Do they seek the Lord in what they are to say??

  5. Ster says:

    Thanks Ingrid, I wish these posts would be more deliberate in giving direct links like you do.
    Everything Marc says is about the community in which Mary and Joseph were living. Does he say something else that I’ve missed. I don’t like what he said. It is horrible. I know a little about Israel back then, and I know from the Bible that most of them didn’t share the faith of Abraham, Moses or David. Noah even brought shame upon himself after the flood. What Marc says, though, was not about Mary and Joseph or the conception or birth of Christ.
    Now, I know that if a preacher spoke this at my church, he would be called on it. It is not the right way to related what he was trying to say. He should have used better words.
    That is the problem, unless the culture he preaches to finds that acceptable. Who determines what is vulger? Society does as culture changes. I don’t see the Bible listing specific words not to use. I do see places in the US where you cannot speak clearly without being descriptive like this. We HAVE degenerated as a society that far. I know it’s sad, and you may not agree with me. The Bible is supreme, and if I’m wrong show verses that I may study.
    I’m sorry, but this is the truth about this country. The culture I am in, and you are in probably don’t see the streets like I have. I live in a rural area, where last week my neighbor was watchng porn in the garage with the door wide open. I deliver pizza and get exposed to 2nd hand pot smoke on the sidewalk. The people’s language is not repeatable.
    I hope we somehow rediscover the holiness, and be examples of that as God changes us. The true church must by definition become purer. If Marc’s group is true, then it will have to become purer. We’ll see.

  6. Mike Matkin says:

    Ima you remark is a display of spiritual maturity. Todays worship music also troubles me. At one time I thought Christian rap was ok because it may win youth to Christ. I now see the error in this thinking. God is not our buddy, He is NOT your homeboy! He is Lord God Almighty creator of the heavens, earth and universe and as believers we need a healthy fear and reverance toward Him. Do people really believe God is pleased with worship music derived from pagan roots with a worldly beat? Remember Cain and Able? Cain wanted to worship in his own way but Able was OBEDIENT in his act of worship. As I remember it didnt work out too well for Cain. It’s not about us or our feelings. It’s about God and our obedience toward Him even in how we worship and praise Him.

    sorry to go off topic, but reverance needs to come from the pulpit and the worship leader

  7. Susan says:

    I would also agree 300% with your old english teacher, Ingrid. When I listen to these emergent leaders speak, just the way they say Jesus’ name makes me shiver. I don’t know what it is, but it’s different (probably due to the fact that they are talking about a different Jesus than the one of the Scriptures in most cases.) And to share a quick story: there is an older man that comes out and evangelizes on our campus, and he is now a dear friend of mine. I will stand out there with him and help him hold up his sign whenever I am done with classes, and this past monday a young man walked by and when my friend asked him if he knew who Jesus Christ was the boy flippantly responded “oh yea, me and JC are doing just fine.” And my friend got this look on his face that I will never forget and he responded with all seriousness back to the kid: “His name isn’t JC, it’s Jesus Christ.” It was one of those moments that will forever be stuck in my mind because His name is so powerful.
    Thanks for all that you do with your site, Ingrid, keep fighting the good fight.

  8. dabe says:

    I grew up in the Catholic schools, where the sisters taught us to bow our heads at *every* mention of the precious name of Jesus– not just when we were praying to Him, but even in normal conversation about Him!

  9. Mike Matkin says:

    To Susan,
    I am glad you posted a response. What you said is very important. When I didnt know any better I went to glorious way church – a word faith “Kennith Haggin”-type church. I left this church knowing something was wrong w/it. I would get the shivers just thinking about the church and did not know why. After years of research into word faith, positive confession, prosperity theology etc… I now know the shiver was the Holy Spirit telling me something was wrong. That is what we refer to as walking in the Spirit. As believer’s , we need to KEEP our focus on God, study the word and not put our faith in man.

  10. Ster says:

    Where is Mark speaking about Christ, Mary or Joseph??? I do not see it?
    I still don’t like what he said.
    Mike: God converts people by His power, music is only a tool like preaching or witnessing. The problem is not style, but the message. Much of it is mushy love song sounding junk. The lyrics lead us to think that God is just gonna wrap us up to have us sing Kumbiya one day. But there are good lyrics to modern styles of music that honor God reverently. We just need to look harder to find it.

  11. Mike Matkin says:

    Ster, it wasnt my intetion to imply all modern worship music is lacking in substance and reverance. I think Jeremy Riddle’s song sweetly broken is great, as well as 3rd day’s “king of Glory” and many others. I guess my point is, many churches focus on emotional feeling and give the masses what they want. Much of todays church service music is empty on sound doctrine and reverance but full of emotional stimuli and worldly beat.

  12. Lisa K says:

    Yes society DOES change and it seems lately the cultural environment has become focused on relating to the lowest common denominator among us! Of course this affects churches as well as the secular world! My mother is appalled at the attire worn by those attending church – flip flops and shorts! How did we get to this point? Yes, some relaxing of strict social mores is probably beneficial to mental health, however when we’ve reached the gutter (knocking boots????) haven’t we gone too far?

  13. Ster says:

    It seems that what is vulger and offensive to one person is acceptable to others. I would wear whatever I needed to wear to worship AS LONG AS, it is modest and it does not distract from others worship. I will say what needs to be said AS LONG AS it is acceptable to God and necessary to relay the point God would have me express. Since, the Bible does not list what words are innapropiate, we must use discernment. What does the word mean, and is it acceptable to the audience? (That does not mean we use profanity.) I would remind you now, that the “filthy rags” used to describe our righteousness is a very nasty term before it is translated into English. “Filthy rags” does not do it justice.
    I understand Mark has crossed the line in the past, and these words I would not have used myself. However, not knowing his audience, I would be careful concerning the judgement of his statements here.
    I am praying for him, too. He has such a good understanding of the faith, and can communicate it very well. As I said before, if he is a real saint then he will get better becoming more pure.

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