Another Gem from Thomas Watson

“Question: How shall we know that we love the reproofs of the Word? (1) When we desire to sit under a heart-searching ministry. Who cares for medicines that will not work? A godly man does not choose to sit under a ministry that will not work upon his conscience. (2) When we pray that the Word may meet with our sins. If there is any traitorous lust in our heart, we would have it found out and executed. We do not want sin covered, but cured. We can open our breast to the bullet of the Word and say, ‘Lord, smite this sin.'”

–Thomas Watson

3 thoughts on “Another Gem from Thomas Watson

  1. laurie B. says:

    I am drawn ever closer to my Lord and Savior when I read the beautiful works of the puritans. I recently lost my job as a result of my strong stand in the faith, and these words of encouragement from J.C. Ryle spoke to me…”Be patient under the enmity of the gates of hell. It is all working together for your good. It tends to sanctify, it keeps you awake, it makes you humble, it drives you nearer to the Lord Jesus Christ. It weans you from the world. It helps to make you pray more. Above all, it makes you long for heaven, and say with heart as well as lips, ‘Come, Lord Jesus.’
    Be not cast down by the enmity of hell. The warfare of the true child of God is as much a mark of grace as the inward peace which he enjoys. No cross, no crown! No conflict, no saving Christianity!. ‘Blessed are ye’ said our Lord Jesus Christ, ‘when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and say all manner of evil against you falsely, for My sake.’ …taken from the sermon ‘The True Church’ preached at Weston-super-mare, August 1858.

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